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Meet the Auburn Corps Advisory Board

Meet the Auburn Corps Advisory Board

Our Members

The Auburn Corps advisory board consists of a wide spectrum of hard-working men and women who share in the vision to transform and restore lives in the city of Auburn.

Ken Tokutomi
Treasurer - Finance Committee
"The Army is the safety net for the community as we provide services to the working poor and those individuals and families that need a helping hand."
Robert Frew
Natalie Litchfield
Outreach Committee Chair
"The Salvation Army connects people who truly care and want to serve others with people who need their support, and allows for change to happen."
Garrett Konrad
Website - Outreach Committee
"Salvation Army really does the most good. I didn't realize just how large the scope of the Auburn Corps' services are. It is an outstanding operation."
Debra Nesbitt
Outreach Committee
"Serving all ages in a multitude of circumstances, I am honored to be on The Salvation Army Board, Auburn, CA corps."
Peter Konrad
Finance Committee
"Serving others on the EDS teams at various fires in and around the Auburn area with my wife, Danelle, has been a rewarding way of getting involved."
Herb Grounds
Finance Committee
"I would put the Salvation Army up against any other service agency for superb first responder support."
Maria Scoggins
Relational Committee
Ken Higgins
Relational Committee
Robert Litchfield
Relational Committee
"At natural disasters, the Salvation Army is usually the first organization to show on the scene, and the last to leave. Their service is superb."
Jim Holmes
Board Member
"The Salvation Army is very effective in the prevention of homelessness by providing help to low income families with systems for accountability."
Ron Lichau
Board Member
"I feel one of the most important functions of the Board is to get the Salvation Army in a close relationship with Auburn and the surrounding areas."
George Atteberry
Board Member
Scott Murray
Board Member
"When it comes to serving people, the Salvation Army is where the rubber meets the road!"
I'm proud to have served on the Advisory Board since 1995. The programs provided by Auburn Corps touch our community with grace and kindness, and help to change the path of those in need.
- Mary Dietrich, Board Chair

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