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Our Emergency Disaster Response Image

Our Emergency Disaster Response

Responding to Auburn and surrounding area disasters since 2006. Such as the 49er fire where we provided $50,000 in services.

Insured losses due to natural disasters total about $15 billion in the U.S. each year.

Drought, wildfire, flash-flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and blizzards are the greatest threats to our country.

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Responding to those in need when disaster strikes.

Gail Selby oversees the Auburn Corps' EDS team. When asked about her experience on the team, she recalls serving at the Lake County Fire. She was with the team serving hundreds of residents devastated and displaced by the fire. She was immediately humbled by how appreciative and encouraged recipients were by food and water; while not knowing what they would find remaining when they returned to their homes.

The Salvation Army helps meet the needs of disaster survivors through a variety of programs.

Immediate Emergency Response
The Auburn Corps has an extremely well trained EDS team and canteen that provides food/hydration, emergency housing, spiritual/emotional support, and emergency supplies to residents and first responders effected by disaster. Recent responses included the 49er Fire where we provided $50,000 in services and the Applegate Fire where we supplied 200 meals and 6,000 with hydration.

Long-Term Disaster Recovery
We also provide furniture, clothing, transportation needs, financial assistance, housing needs, and missing person locating services.

Spiritual and Emotional Care
Throughout the duration and aftermath of a major disaster, The Salvation Army provides spiritual comfort and emotional support upon request to victims and emergency workers coping with the stress of a catastrophe. Salvation Army counselors, who are often ordained as clergy (officers), may simply offer a "ministry of presence," but often people who know about The Salvation Army as representatives of God may ask for prayer or help from the Bible. Disaster relief and recovery services are provided to all in need without discrimination.

Keeping the Team Ready to Serve
The Auburn Corps EDS team stays well trained by preparing 500 meals a week at our Auburn Corps commercial kitchen and serving those meals at the Right Hand Auburn shelter.