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The Social Services

Above and beyond just food and housing.

46.7 million Americans live below the poverty line. 60 million more live one crisis away.

Sadly, children raised in poverty are 32% more likely to remain there than their more fortunate peers.

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Transportation, Prescription Assistance, Clothing, and More

Poverty is so often the result of - and the catalyst for - chronic struggles with hunger, addiction, housing insecurity, mental illness, unemployment, educational voids and various forms of abuse. These interconnected struggles continue year after year, and often span generations. That's why The Salvation Army Auburn Corps works to meet the needs of the whole person through short and long-term assistance - first alleviating the symptoms of poverty and then addressing the root issues that cause it.

The Auburn Corps served 10,020 different people via Social Services in 2015.

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We have ministries dedicated to food and housing. What other services does Social Services provide in our Auburn community though? Here are a few:

One of the most basic necessities, Auburn Corps fulfilled 603 needs for clothing in our community.

Though not as commonly seen in Auburn, sometimes there is a need for basic furniture and we can help match a donor to a need. In 2014 we fulfilled 8 different needs.

We provided for 163 individual medical needs in our community.

Personal Comfort Kits
These comfort kits include essentials like clean socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. In 2015 the Auburn Corps supplied 236 of these kits to those in need.

Sometimes there is a need for transportation. To the grocery store, to work, to church. The Auburn Corps provided transport on 61 occasions for 127 individuals.

Home Visits
When access to transportation or the inability to leave home exists, either physically or emotionally, we are prepared to go out into the community to meet the need. We completed 12 home visits in 2015.